Men Love To Fall For A Genuine Woman

Men Love To Fall For A Genuine Woman

As you work on making your guy fall in love, there are some things you need to keep in mind about your own personality, values and goals.

One of the key things that helps people to find common ground and to love each other is that they hold similar values, similar goals, and similar desires.

So if you don’t really know what your desires and goals and values – and particularly your values – are, then spend some time thinking about them.

You really don’t want to compromise yourself early in a relationship so that the man you want will love you in return. All that’s going to happen is that sooner or later the realization will dawn on either you or the man you’ve seduced that you’re not compatible.

Of course some compromises are necessary in any long-term relationship, but you should never compromise your most important values.

The key thing here is that if you are genuine, and stay true to yourself, in other words you follow the principle of “being yourself” as the relationship develops, you’re going to find you have a much deeper connection much more quickly.

And it’s also necessary to be clear as you seek the man you want to be in love with, that nobody’s perfect.

If you’re seeking perfection, you could go on looking for a relationship forever.

The question is “What’s good enough?” for you when it comes to love.

So how much are you willing to compromise on the qualities you would like in your partner?

The key thing here is probably to be clear about what you “must have” in a man you fall in love with – and then also to be clear about the qualities which while not essential would be “nice to have” in a man.

Be realistic about what’s absolutely essential for you to be in a loving relationship with a man. You see, if you’re realistic about who you date, you’re going to be much luckier in finding the right man to love you and more likely to establish a strong connection.

The simple truth is, by doing it with authenticity, you’re not  going to be wasting your time trying to make the wrong man love you!

And finally, you need to speak your man’s love language.

“Love language” is an interesting idea, and we’ll talk about it on another page of this site. What it means is that each person has a way of expressing their love for another person.

So to make a real connection with a man you need to discover both of your love languages and share them.

This is how each of you can be sure you’re focusing your love and attention on the areas that will have the most impact on your partner.

It’s obvious, don’t you think, that the quickest way to a man’s heart is to speak the same language about love as he does?

Read about love languages here.

A Key To Making a Man Love You:
Be Passionate About Life

We mentioned above that there is very probably some kind of genetic program deep in the male psyche about pursuing a woman till he wins her. Of course men are hunters and gatherers – that’s their genetic inheritance.

And as you might’ve observed when a man’s shopping, this hunter urge manifests in many areas of life, in many ways.

If you can switch on a man’s instinct to pursue a woman till he wins her (that’s you!), you can automatically give yourself a much greater chance of being in his sights, of having his attention focused on you.

So when a woman represents some kind of challenge for man when he is pursuing her, his energy will rise. His goal is suddenly clear – it’s you!

You can think of this in whatever way you like, but the reality is that men have always taken the role of pursuer, even perhaps aggressor.

And one of the things that men can smell a mile off is the fear and desperation in a woman that she won’t find a mate, or soulmate. That fear in a woman, that she will always be alone, is likely to make him turn and run.

So how do you deal with this if that’s how you’re feeling? Simple. You turn that switch in yourself from fear to love.

You have to love who you are, you have to love your life, you have to love the world around you. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing, clear about your desires, and energetic in your actions.

Make your life – no matter what your physical circumstances – a celebration of love, gratitude and joy.

Find something you can be truly passionate and energetic about, something which gives you joy.

Such energy is a powerful attractant for a man. A man wants to fall in love with a woman who is celebrating life, feeling her heat and her passion.

In fact, the truth is that men are not only attracted to this energy, they want to be the focus of it.

You know what? One great way to flip your switch from fear of isolation to love and passion, is to have a crazy love affair – not necessarily with a man, but with yourself, with your own life. Discover a way to make yourself fall in love with you and your life!

Focus on the things that make you feel joy and happiness. Because when you’re in that state, you don’t have to do much more than set your intention that the right man will show up….  and he will, and he’ll most likely fall deeply in love with you.