How To Make Love Grow Strong

Love Conquers All?

There are many things you can do, in your behavior and approach to life, that make it more likely that a man will want you, perhaps even make a man love you.

But before we go on, let’s just remember that one of the primary indicators of being with the right person, of having found the right man, perhaps even the man who’s going to want to marry you, is a sense that your body, your mind and your heart are all in agreement on one simple, straightforward fact – this is the man who was meant for you! And that feeling will extend to your sense of being the woman who was made for him.

You want that feeling? Yes, of course you do! So follow the sensible and well proven techniques set out below. All of them have been proven as ways to make a  man fall in love with you (or a girl fall in love with you if you’re a guy).

They can also make your long-term relationship more loving and successful, too!

Making True Love

Before we go any further, remember that true love is strong enough to withstand any problems in a loving relationship. In fact, true love is a wonderful “vessel” in which you can find a way of growing into the greatest person that you can possibly be.

Yet right now you might be wondering why you aren’t in the loving relationship you crave.

If that’s true, could it be because you hold some beliefs about yourself (or about loving relationships) which may be stopping you from becoming the loving partner you know you can be? Stopping you connecting with the man destined to be your soul mate, the only man really you want, and hopefully the man whom you can make want you? 

Some of those beliefs are listed in another post on this site, but for the moment, we’re going to look at how you can make your guy believe you’re the only woman he could ever possibly desire, that you’re the woman with whom he is going to fall in love and live happily ever after.

Number One: You Are His Safe Haven

I don’t literally mean that your guy is going to depend on you for his survival in the world.

But inside each and every one of us is a damaged inner child. Each of us carries an inner child who was born innocent into this world, but who quickly experienced the trials and tribulations of life on this planet, and developed emotional scars of all kinds which now need healing.

A good relationship allows each of you to heal your inner children – you feel open, safe, and happy together. If your partner isn’t a refuge for your inner child, then who on earth is ever going to be (except possibly yourself)?

Don’t forget that your inner child represents your deepest vulnerabilities and sensitivities about the world.

It’s the part of you which requires more support and love than any other. Of course, the same is true in reverse for your partner.

If you can each provide the other with a safe place in your heart, neither of you will ever feel inclined to leave.

Number Two:
You Can Make Him Feel like a Hero

There are certain “innate” tendencies and behaviors in men and women which are designed to appeal to the opposite gender.

For example,  while women crave love, men crave respect. In fact, men want trust and respect more than they want love, simply because for them trust and respect equal love.

So that requires you – your guy’s woman – to show him respect, with the ability to support his unique wisdom, his power, and what he can offer you.

Your man will grow to trust you over time as he learns that you are indeed trustworthy and safe for him.

By allowing him the space to discover this trust you show you know how to make a man want you, and indeed, perhaps even how to make a man love you.

So look for those things in your partner, in your man, which represent the hero in him – the part of him that goes out into the world and get things done.

And, if you can admit and acknowledge that there is a part of you which wants to make him feel like the man he can truly be, then do it by acknowledging and respecting what he has to offer. That’s the kind of woman that a man will fall in love with.

Number Three:
Make Him Feel Good About Himself

So many relationships are marked out by criticism and judgments flying back and forth from one partner to the other.

Yet this is so destructive of trust, and it’s certainly destructive of respect – the two qualities which we’ve already said are the most critical for a man to be able to fall in love with you.

Let’s face it girls, if you want your guy to love you, you have to treat him in a certain way!

Relationships may be less important to men than women, so while women often feel they can’t live without a relationship, men don’t have that sense at all.

Indeed it’s probably not an exaggeration to say that for many men a relationship is the icing on the cake rather than the cake itself.

And with that in mind, you need to put your attention on something positive that makes him feel better about himself.

As you know, the feminine way to influence a man is to seduce him, not to coerce him. (Coercion in this context means being manipulative, or critical, or judgemental – all of which are self-destructive as well as other-destructive behaviors – to get what you want.)

By approaching him in a respectful yet self-confident way, by suggesting that you trust him to do things well, and by acknowledging his strengths, the ways in which he can achieve things successfully, he will become the man you want him to be.

Trying to change him by coercion will always fail, but worse, it will drive you apart, put a wedge between you, and make your prospects of getting your guy to love you more remote with each day that passes.

Men want to be acknowledged for specific things, and they love to be acknowledged for those things in front of their peers and in public.

If you can’t do that, ask yourself why not?

You may find your ego is holding you back from offering affirming feedback about your man, perhaps because you want to maintain influence or power over him.

This is the wrong way to go about generating love and trust.

You know, deep in your bones, that women have always had power over men because of their ability to “seduce” in a loving and respectful way. So employ the knowledge of generations of women who have gone before you, and you’ll find that your guy falls in love with you much more quickly.

Bottom line, don’t criticize, don’t be judgmental; rather, be supportive and approving and positive.

Video – Sex In Long Term Relationships

Number Four:
Constantly Improve Your Sex Life

It’s hard for women, I think, to understand how powerful the sex drive can be for a man, and how important a good sexual relationship can be to a man’s self-esteem.

Just as you need to feel attractive and desirable, he needs to feel sexually powerful – to feel as though he has given you great pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment in bed.

The quality of a couple’s sex life is a very good test of how their relationship is going, long-term. When a relationship is failing, sex is the first thing that deteriorates or disappears from the menu.

So good sex is not a luxury, it’s a priority. If you want a guy to be faithful to you for the rest of your life, and for him to be devoted exclusively to you, then you are going to need to cooperate with him in ensuring the sex in your relationship is good, making sure, in fact, that sex is as good as you can both make it. 

There’s so much shame attached to sex in our society, but it’s the foundation of any loving relationship, and it is one of the foundations of a loving relationship for a man.

You’ve probably heard the cliche many times: “Women have sex because they’re in love with a man, whereas men need to have sex to feel their love.”

Well, guess what?  It’s absolutely true! Good sex is a primal need for a man, and the act of penetration, of taking, a woman who is prepared to open herself up to him is one of the most powerful and reinforcing dynamics of a man;s sense of masculinity.

It’s also a certain way to make a man more likely to fall for you, or even to fall in love with you.

Number Five: Your Guy Needs To Know
What You Are Thinking

The idea that there is some kind of gender gap is a misconception. 

Sure, there are fundamental differences between men and women, differences designed to establish a polarity of masculinity and femininity in the relationship.

And yet underneath all of this, we all have similar things in common – our hopes, our fears, our pain, our desires, and our dreams.

These are the things that make us human in our own individual way. And while you look for a place in him where all your emotions can be held, he is looking for a place in you where he can express himself in the knowledge and certainty that you will respect what he has to say.

And yes, this requires is you to be mature enough to “hold” your own emotions, and express them in an emotionally articulate way. If you can’t do that, you’re not going to be able to hold your partner’s emotions.

So, if you don’t know how to be in your feelings, or express yourself with control and dignity, then take some training in emotional intelligence.

And bear in mind that men often don’t know how to express their feelings – believe it or not, they may not even know what they’re feeling.

So perhaps you are the a woman of the woman who can teach your guy exactly what he’s feeling and how to express it. He’s going to fall in love with you if he feels alive, enhanced and expansive around you… and the beautiful thing is you don’t have to do anything to create that energy.

You only need to be fully in your own femininity, living with full expression of your joy and other emotions.

If you want to connect with a guy, then one way to do it is to talk about how you’re feeling, and encourage him to do the same.

Number Six: Have Faith

If you’re looking for a relationship that’s going to be long-term, that lasts forever, if you’re looking for a man that really is going to love you “until death us do part” you need to have faith in the relationship lasting.

Is that unreasonable? To have faith in your relationship being the loving connection you both need, which will last? No – of course it isn’t.

You can have faith because faith comes from the heart. When you are with the right person, you know it, and that generates faith.

Faith will sustain a relationship even in difficult times, and sustains your belief in true love, so you know that somewhere inside both you and your guy, the flickering embers of love will burn fierce and bright in a fire of passion when you attend to each other respectfully and lovingly.

Find your own way to love truly, madly, deepy