How To Have Your Man Fall In Love With You!

Is it really possible to make a man fall in love with you?

Yes, provided you start by making him like you. Liking is always the best foundation for love, so you can definitely give yourself a head start by “helping” your man to see how likeable you are.

How you behave, what you say, and how you interact with your man will all influence whether or not he likes you. And if he likes you, then play your cards right and he might just fall head over heels in love with you!

Let’s start at the point where you’ve met a man you fancy, maybe you’re crazy about him; whatever, you’re certainly hoping he’s going to be the man who falls in love with you.

Before we go any further there’s something really important to remember: being false, trying to be someone that you’re not, or using manipulative strategies might get a guy to fall for you in the short term. But in the long term, your relationship is going to be doomed because eventually he will discover the real you, and it won’t be the person he thinks he fell in love with.

So let’s get going – keeping in mind that you can’t force a man to fall in love with you. That’s a myth. But don’t despair!

How to encourage a man to fall in love with you!

What you can do is to encourage him to fall in love with you, to motivate him to fall in love with you, and even entice him to fall in love with you.

It’s been said that the top three things men want in a relationship are sex, affirmation, and partnership.

I disagree. I  think a man wants in a long-term relationship more than anything else are appreciation, respect, friendship, and sex – in that order. Those are the things that I believe are most likely to make a man fall in love you you.

Other things he’s looking for include a woman he can trust, a woman who’ll support him, and a woman who he can love, support and help. That’s a great combination that will make a man go a long way to falling in love with you.

(Don’t underestimate how important it is to a man to feel he’s doing something supportive or helpful for a woman. It’s deep in the male genes.)

You see, it’s a mistake to say that sex is always the most important thing for a man….. but I will admit, as a man, that it’s near the top for most of us. And you will probably have heard that after sex, a man is more aware of his feelings of love for a woman. We talk about that idea on this page of the site.

The simple truth, therefore, is that certain things you can do (like making love) will indeed help make a man fall in love with you. Other things that can help make a man fall in love with you are those I mentioned before: he must feel he can trust you, he must respect you, and he must feel there are ways in which he can help and support you.

I’d also say that almost all men like the thrill of the chase. The idea of chasing, wooing and seducing a woman until she surrenders, is very appealing to many men.

Skeptical? Well, whether you think that’s true or not, it seems reasonable that as a species we would be genetically programmed like this. Almost every animal species requires the male to “work hard” at displaying his good qualities before the female will mate with him.  You can read more about that idea lower down this page.

Sidebar: Maybe you shouldn’t have sex on the first date after all! When you make him work for it, he’ll value the reward, and you, more highly if he’s invested some effort in getting it.

Anyhow, here are some steps you can take which will probably make a man like you – and remember that’s the first step to making him fall in love with you.

How You Can Make A Man Love You: A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Respect What He Says & Does

We know a woman’s most desired wish in a relationship is to be cherished above all else by her man.

And a man’s most desired experience in a relationship with a woman? To be respected by her.

Nothing makes a man feel more appreciative of a woman than her respect.

And nothing diminishes a man’s self-respect, and along with it, his feelings of attraction and affection for a woman, more than her dissing him.

So what constitutes disrespect?

Well, for example, if you don’t appreciate his efforts when he’s offering to help or support you, or you don’t take him seriously, he will definitely think you don’t respect him.

Another thing some women seem to do (at least if what I hear from the men I work with is anything to go by!) is to respond with a kind of “knee-jerk” negative response to a man’s suggestions or ideas.

They somehow seem to point out the negative rather than positive things about what he does. So if you habitually find yourself saying things like “that won’t work…”  or “you can’t do that…” then try to become more positive.

Think for a few seconds before you respond. Make the effort to understand where a man’s coming from when he offers a suggestion or an idea.

Whatever the reason for your negative response – pessimism, fear, habit, laziness – a positive response, or at least a response which considers the options carefully, is much more positive and attractive to a man.

And remember that listening with your full attention, while making an effort to understand what a man is saying, and why he’s saying it, is not the same as agreeing with him. You’re entitled to your own opinion, and there’s no need to diss his.

In essence, at a deeper level, respect is all about NOT judging a man for what he does or says.  It’s about appreciating the fact that he’s offering something of himself to you.

Whether he’s offering his assistance, his problem solving ability, his ideas, his creativity, or anything else, treat it with respect, even if you don’t want it or agree with what’s being offered or suggested.

(What do you think about the idea that respect is more important than love in a relationship?)

Step 2: Look Your Man In the Eyes

If you look a man in the eyes and appear interested in him, perhaps smiling at him while he talks to you, he will really begin to feel you understand him and care about him, which will deeply impact him, making him feel much warmer towards you. This is of course another good step towards making him fall deeply in love with you.

You see, researchers at the University of Chicago did an experiment on a group of men and women undergraduates. They provided each group of men and women with photographs of members of the opposite sex.

First of all they asked the participants to look at the photographs and describe their sexual responses to the people in the pictures.

Then there were given photographs of another group of people and asked to think about whether or not they were feeling love or lust towards them.

Well, guess what? It seems that when people are thinking about love, they look at someone’s face, and in particular their eyes.

In fact there’s plenty of evidence that mutual eye gazing is a definite sign of intimacy and indicates the possibility of romantic love. Bottom line? If you want to make a guy  like you, and possibly even make him love you, then gaze into his eyes.

And, by the way, if he’s spending more time looking into your eyes than at your butt or your breasts, he’s probably beginning to feel affection, liking or even love for you.

Step 3: Touch Him

You can show a man how interested you are in him with your body language.

If you’re sitting near a man, use your body language to suggest you’re open to him (you know – emotionally open – interested – wanting to know more). And you can also touch him gently on the arm, leg, shoulder, hand, back or indeed anywhere else non-sexual.

When you do this naturally and easily, a deeper connection will rapidly develop between you. So remember – eye gazing and touching are two great ways to communicate your love for a man, and to help him fall in love with you, or at least to help him get in touch with his feelings.

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