How To Have Your Man Fall In Love With You – Every Day

Good relationships are nice; great relationships are even better!

Do you know a couple who always seem so happy together, regardless of how long they’ve been in  relationship?

A couple who are always smiling and constantly finding little ways to touch each another and show affection to one another?

Many of us know a couple like that, and we all want to know how they do it. But it’s simple. All you need is to make a man fall in love with you today, and again every day afterwards. 

And to do this, all you need is a few simple ideas. Read on to find out how it’s done.

When you meet a man you like, here’s how to….

Make Him Fall In Love 


1 Smile and Have Fun

You’re looking for love, but you’re not likely to find it with a frown on your face! Smile, laugh, and show your man how much fun you are.

Even if it’s been a tough day, showing you’re resilient and unaffected by moments of stress is an attractive trait.

If you want a man to fall in love with you, an engaging sense of humor is a real bonus, for no man can resist a woman with a killer smile. It shows you have a fun personality – and don’t forget to keep on having fun! Research shows that couples who have fun have the happiest relationships.

2 Own Your Mistakes

You met a man, and now you’re falling for him. If you want to make this a great relationship, to have him fall in love with you, honesty is one essential quality – you need to own your mistakes.

When you make a mistake, simply tell him you’re sorry, make it up to him, and learn from the experience.

Showing him you know you’re not perfect and you’re not afraid to own that fact is a great sign of maturity. And showing  that you’re not afraid to use your mistakes as learning opportunities is a great boost to any relationship, new or old.

3 Be Yourself

The world of social media makes it difficult to be anyone else these days. If you tell him you’re an outdoors-lover like he is,  but your 8-year Facebook history shows only photos of you shopping and spending time indoors, he’s going to know you lied to him.

So be yourself. If he doesn’t like you for who you are, why do you want him to fall in love with you? Instead, wait for a man who loves you for who you really are. Because you really are amazing – even if you don’t quite know it yet!

4 Date Your Man Now and Always

Dates provide you with an opportunity to connect without the everyday routine of life interrupting. So whether you’ve been together six months or six years, to keep loving each other – never stop dating!

It’s essential to schedule dates when you have appointments, work, and an active social life to keep you busy.

Finding an hour or two (or more!) once a week (or more!) to get out of the house and focus on each other is imperative. That’s what sustains love better than anything else – quality time together.

This time is for focusing on each other. You have a chance to dress up, forget worrying about your work or your kids, and just talk to one another.

You won’t know how close you will feel to your partner until you spend uninterrupted time together.

And that includes taking time away together for romantic intimacy! (Which means reaffirming the sexual side of your relationship as an expression of your love for each other.)

5 Show Appreciation

If you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you today or all over again, time and time again, throughout your relationship, tell him you appreciate him for the little things (taking the trash out) as well as the big things.

Good relationships are made between people who love and appreciate one another. And great relationships are forged between people who love and show appreciation for one another.

Many people do appreciate their partner, but they forget to express that appreciation.

So take a moment to consider how you’d feel if your partner told you how much he appreciates you for giving the kids a bath every night.

You’ve been doing it for five years. How good would you feel knowing such a simple act is something he’s grateful for?

Appreciation for the little things is a big relationship booster.

6 Let It Go and Move On

If you want a great relationship, you’d better not bring up that time 12 years ago when he made that terrible mistake. Why? Because the greatest relationships are the ones in which both parties speak what’s on their mind when it’s bothering them, discuss a solution or make an apology, make it up to each other, and then promptly let it go.

What a great way to deal with stuff – to handle it, and move on. If one or both of you consistently bring up all the mistakes the other made throughout the course of your relationship, it leads to stress and a lack of trust.

In fact, it looks more like a political debate than a happy relationship.

And don’t forget the same rule applies to falling in love in the beginning. When you remember this, you’re going to help every man you meet fall in love with you!

7 Don’t Discuss Your Relationship With Your Friends

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make is inviting external influences into your relationship. Even the little eye roll and the sly comments like “He always takes his mom’s side” to your girlfriend is definitely a no-go.

If you love him with your entire heart, you’ll always forgive his little quirks, and that will make him fall even deeper in love with you.

Keep in mind your girlfriends, if you feel tempted to disclose stuff to them, aren’t that invested in him. They might even be more interested in you and him breaking up….. especially since the more you talk about the issues you have, the more they’ll think of him as someone who makes their friend unhappy.

However, you can spend all the time you want gushing over how sweet, amazing, and kind he is to anyone who is still willing to listen without rolling their eyes!

Even so, your partner might be the most amazing man on earth, but he has his flaws: how much time he spends on the phone with his mom; leaving his dirty clothes on the floor; whatever.

To deal with these things, don’t let resentment build; instead talk about such issues cleanly, clearly, quickly and early. That saves small problems from growing into big problems which erode love and trust.

8 Say What’s On Your Mind

If you want something, tell him. This rule applies to every corner of your relationship. For example, if you despise it when he tells you that you look “hot” when you get dressed up, tell him you’d prefer it if he told you you’re “stunning” or “gorgeous”.

Unmet expectations have the power to take any relationship downwards from great to good.

Unfortunately, your man, no matter how much you may love him, and no matter how much he may love you, is probably not much of a mind-reader.

It’s impossible for him to meet expectations he doesn’t know exist. He’ll stop doing what you dislike, start doing what you like, and you’ll live happily ever after. Say nothing, and you’ll let the resentment grow. Instead, tell him what you want! Great relationships work when you don’t rely on mind-reading.

9 Put Some Real Effort Into Your Relationship

Your partner doesn’t expect you to look like a beauty queen every single day, but he probably doesn’t want a sweatpants-clad, unwashed hair, forgot-to-brush-your-teeth kind of woman.

So when you’re tired, mentally drained, and feel down after a long day with the kids at home, still try and make some effort. He’ll be grateful and want to support you in return.

You see, it probably doesn’t bother him to come home to that version of his lovely lady on occasion, but not every day!

Love depends on many things. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is harder when faced with the realities of life. So if you make some effort to keep up your standards, you can have your man fall in love with you again and again every day of your lives.

The great news about relationships is you can apply all these rules to every stage. From having a man fall in love with you for the first time to growing old together, all these relationship rules apply! Keep things easy, make an effort, and don’t forget to laugh and have fun with one another. It’s what makes a good relationship turn into a great relationship.

Find your own way to love truly, madly, deepy