Three Ways To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

As always, the Huffington Post has some amusing and interesting articles on the perennial question of how you can make a man fall in love with you.

Writer Dr Ali Binazir (sounds like a pseudonym to me!) Says there are three basic ways. Here they are!

One: The Natural Way Of Making Love

Men may well have an image in their minds of the woman they want to meet. It’s almost like an archetypal image of the woman that man is going to fall for. If he’s really lucky, she’ll enter his life at some point.

If you like, she has the combination of all the things he’s programmed – and who knows how that happens? – to want in a woman: a smell, her looks, her way of being, her cultural background… loads of elements that he doesn’t even sense, but which altogether give him a powerful image in his mind of the woman he wants to be with.

But, you might think, even though all of those things are important, doesn’t he actually need to like her before he can fall in love with her?

Yes, of course he does, and so much the better for him if he does like her. If not, he’s probably going to be heartbroken.

And just as importantly, you have to like him as well – there’s no point falling in love with a guy you don’t like! But if you meet a guy you like, and who falls for you because you’re his archetypal woman – well, congratulations! Your search is over.

Two: The Devious Dastardly Way To Make Him 

Well, well… this is the manipulative strategies described in books like The Rules. So much the worse for all of us, because the strategies are based on old-fashioned ideas and out of date concepts.

To sum it up, it appears to be a strategy that you can summarize in three words: give, withdraw, repeat.

But let’s get something straight before you go any further – if you’re planning to manipulate a guy so he’ll fall in love with you, then you’re heading down the wrong road.

He might be infatuated with you for a while, but he’s not going to really love you, especially when he finds out he’s been tricked and manipulated. He’s really going to react badly. Unless, and it’s rather unlikely, you have the ability to then move the relationship from its foundation of deception and manipulation into something more honest and trustworthy.

Up to you, of course, so let’s have a look at it.

By the way – if you do use these techniques, you might find a man becomes obsessed with you and starts behaving in a quite peculiar way (stalking? obsession?) It’s not really recommended.

For instance, you might give out your phone number and when he phones you, make a date – which is giving a man something. Then, you cancel the date at the last minute – obviously the man is going to be confused, feel rejected, and not understand what the heck is going on.

Then you can switch back on again: call up, apologize, explain, and swear you want to reschedule. You promise you’ll make it up to him.

Of course, now he thinks you really do care, it wasn’t your fault, and you are merely a victim of circumstance. Most men in this situation will give you another chance.

Of course if you withdraw again (by cancelling) you’re probably going to be blown out. But if you turn up, flirt, give him compliments, gaze into his eyes, touch him a lot, and then cut the whole thing short and leave, you’re withdrawing again. Indeed, you’re repeating.

And once again, this man is going to be mighty confused, but this time he’s been so close to a taste of love (he might even be beginning to fall in love with you), it’s probable he’s going to be thinking about you – maybe even obsessed with you in some way. Most men would be.

So if you re-enter is life in the next day or two or three,
give him more, and then withdraw in some way later on, you’re really manipulating him into a place of vulnerable dependency. It can take a very strong man to resist this!

Of course you might already have done something similar to this unconsciously – and decided never to do it again. But done consistently, it’s really underhand, and the end result of your work might be a man who’s infatuated with you in an inconvenient way.

Three: The High Road

Dr Ali Binazir recommends another way of making a man love you: the honest way.

How to make a man love you….. use your feminine power – that’s the feminine power which can help a man become more of the man he was always designed to be.

You know the saying “behind every great man there’s a woman”? Well, you can be that woman, by nurturing his vision of his greatness, making him feel taller (metaphorically), more capable, or more masculine. Most men don’t get this reinforcement anywhere in their lives – so to get it from a woman is very powerful and can build and reinforce deep feelings of love.

The key to succeeding in this strategy is to make sure that you pay attention to the best aspects of the man you are with (or the man you want to make fall in love with you): in other words, you must appreciate and respect his positive qualities – ones like strength, loyalty, creativity, compassion and love.

By focusing your attention on these, and appreciating those qualities in him, you will actually see him evolve into the man you want to be with.